What are the Best Headphones For Listening Music & Relaxing

What are the Best Headphones For Listening Music & Relaxing

If you are looking for the best monitor headphones for listening to music and relax or web conferencing for recording or for editing sessions, you need to consider several specifics. You would have to consider every single detail of quality sound production. Your headphone should have a perfect blend of bass, mid and high resonances, and treble, and not to forget usability and durability.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50s provide you an exceptionally natural response for professional monitoring/mixing. Designed by Audio Technica, ATH-M50s are an awesome piece of art for studio recording. Let us have a look at the key features of these amazing fantastic-sounding professional headphones.

Perfect audio quality

ATH-M50s offers exceptional audio quality for professional monitoring, mixing and listing the music for relaxing. When monitoring with these headphones, you will find crisp and clear Highs, nice and clean Cymbals, balanced guitars with shine in mids and amazing and punching bass. When playing songs on your iPad, you will hear the natural and deep bass so it sends a sense of relaxation to your mind, just the way it was intended. The sensitivity of these headphones brings out sounds in music that other headphones leave behind.

Unique design

The Audio-Technica studio monitor headphones come in a comfortable, lightweight design. The well-padded, adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups let you listen or hours without fatigue. You can swivel the earpieces for easy single-ear monitoring. Weighing only ten ounces, these collapsible designed headphones are perfect for storage and travel. You also get a handy carrying pouch with the ATH-M50s headphones.

Exceptional power handling

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50s professional headphones come with a large, 45 mm neodymium drivers for a wide frequency response with exceptional power handling abilities.

Ease of use

The headphones come with a single-sided coiled cable, which minimizes tangles. The 3.5 mm mini plug is compatible with a wide variety of audio devices. The ear-cup design is closed back cushioned, which creates the best seal for maximum noise isolation.

Who would use it?

The ATH-M50s are perfect for music enjoyment at home or on iPods, on-location audio monitoring or professional tracking and mixing. It is a great resource for a budding talented artist looking for a good studio sounding quality without the premium price tag.

The ATH-M50s headphones sound good, isolate so well and play so loud. The driver technology, frequency response, impedance, and other specifications make it exceptional in terms of mixing and recording. It is what you want for recording, editing or simply enjoying music. It is a great value for money. Maybe that is why they are quite popular in studios; they bring out the songs in people.

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