ASMR : Printer Sounds for Calming and Relaxtion

Maybe you do not think that some electronic devices such as printers can also produce ASMR sounds for Calming and Relaxation. What kind of printer will be the question..?? Basically, all types of printer can produce these sounds from Inkjet, laser as well as 3D printer .. Everything depends on your needs

We have done some small research to find an ASMR printer sound and there is plenty to be found and some of the best you can watch below [CP] :

Sounds for Calming & Relax

1 Hours of ASMR Printer Sound

10 Hours of Printer ASMR sound

Sound of Printing Press [Printing Industry]

This is a really good ASMR sound because it is recorded in a printing industry, they use large printer where they usually use this printer for t-shirt printing, large paper and more.

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it refers to a physical and psychological reaction to stimuli, inducing feelings of calm and a pleasurable tingling sensation. Nicknames for ASMR have included “brain massage,” “head tingle,” and “head orgasm,” which all sound awfully silly to many people, but to a person who experiences these episodes, they are apt descriptions. Other names for the sensation have included “AIHO” (for “Attention-Induced Head Orgasm”) and “AIE” (“Attention Induced Euphoria”).

The term “ASMR” was first coined in February 2010 by the Facebook group Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Group. The group was created by Jennifer Allen, who now acts as the team organizer for the ASMR Research Team. It has since become the most commonly used term for these episodes.

Not a lot of research currently exists on ASMR, primarily because it is a difficult phenomenon to study. Stimuli can vary tremendously from person to person, and, as previously stated, some people do not experience ASMR at all. It is generally accepted that ASMR episodes typically begin with a tingling sensation in the head that then travels to other parts of the body to varying degrees. It is also important to emphasize that ASMR causes a euphoric kind of sensation, but is induced without the aid of drugs or sexual activity.

It has been suggested that ASMR could potentially provide a drug-free solution for people dealing with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Again, no research currently exists to support such claims, and conducting such research has its obstacles. However, individuals report that they typically experience increased feelings of relaxation and even sleepiness when ASMR gets triggered. Some would argue that the effects of ASMR are similar to those experienced in meditation.