ASMR Massage at SPA – Enjoy WiFi Wireless Internet While Treatment

ASMR Massage at SPA – Enjoy WiFi Wireless Internet While Treatment

WiFi (WiFi) Wireless Internet connections may be coming to the best spas. Have you ever wanted to get away to a secluded place to write that book, do research, or work on a special project?

Now you can get Internet connections at your favorite spas. Some California spas are leading the way, including our own Nurturing Nest.

WiFi means wireless fidelity. It defines a standard so that various manufacturers’ hardware components can talk to each other. There will be more on that below.

Thousands of locations around the country are becoming what are called hotspots. This means that people with properly equipped computers can make a wireless connection to the Internet if they are close enough. Many airports, hotels, coffee shops, and some of the best spas provide the ability to make wireless connections to the Internet through WiFi.

What You Need

You will need a laptop computer with a wireless pc card that is compatible with the hardware at your destination hotspot. (You can also connect bigger computers to wireless networks.) In most cases you won’t have to worry because the hardware at the hotspot will handle two or three of the standards. And your wireless pc card will probably handle two of the standards. The three standards are:

  • 802.11a – the original standard
  • 802.11b – the most common standard
  • 802.11g – the emerging standard

If you travel much and want to be sure you can connect wherever you are, you can cover yourself by getting a pc card that handles all three. One such card is the Netgear WAG511 802.11a/b/g Dual Band Wireless PC Card.

Many of the newer laptops have wireless network capabilities built-in.

Relax and Finish Your Special Project

When you arrive at your best spa, you can begin by relaxing in the healing mineral waters. You can do nothing for a while. When you’re ready you can fire up your laptop computer and connect to the Internet with your WiFi Wireless connection.

This might be the best way to finish that special project.

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