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Relaxing Towel Folding Tutorial

Somehow Maria (that’s her name in case you didn’t know) manages to squeeze 18 relaxing minutes out of a video on how to fold a towel.

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  1. SEA says:

    This put me to sleep in a heartbeat last night. Good video.

  2. mr.karg says:

    she is a scalp tingling artist! Such a relaxing video. She can fold my towels any time! I never thought that laundry could be so soothing!

  3. Dave says:

    I have watched Maria fold these damn towels hundreds of times. My bathroom is still a travesty. Probably because I keep falling asleep whenever I play this video.

  4. bob says:

    Maria’s voice is the equivalent of a deep tissue verbal massage of the mind. Oh, what a voice! She’s truly heaven sent for all of us who are stressed out, wound up and a bundle of nerves at the end of the day. Thank you Maria. promise to do more of these in the future.

  5. chilloutmom says:

    I am going to totally transform my linen tower…right after I wake up…zzzz

  6. Sea Creature Turner says:

    Say it loud, and there’s music playing. Say it soft, and it’s almost like praying.

  7. macromanjr says:

    If she wasn’t married, and she dug me, I’d so marry that girl!

  8. Alexander says:

    She is pure magic, her voice is very very soothing – thumbs up for the good video.

  9. mom917 says:

    Excellent video. I will go to sleep gently tonight…:)

  10. WaterBlossom says:


  11. Bryan says:

    Maria’s dog massage video needs to be here talk about relaxing!!!

  12. mrs.mofti says:

    That green towel at the end – where she wraps it around a white towel – has a horrible crease in it. In fact most of the towels are all creased up. Do you think she can’t see it? She really needs to get the iron out first.

    Disillusioned from Manchester.

  13. Will says:

    This is probably my most favorite video to fall asleep to. I highly reccomend that more videos of Maria be added!

  14. Jill Patton says:

    Your Comments Is this the same lady as in the turkish bath? There are some definite similarities….ya’ll should check out “Sand Art” on Youtube –

    “Sand Art by Ilana Yahav” – no speaking but very relaxing….it was when I first saw the sand art video that I became aware of what you call ASMR – BTW this is a wonderful site…..I can barely tear myself away!

  15. Anthony says:

    Are you guys kidding me? No way! This sounds so forced. As a matter of fact…all those “whisper” videos out there sound so forced and fake, that it actually becomes a distraction. Nobody speaks this way!

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