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Relaxing Eye Exam Role Play

I just love these soft spoken role play videos. It’s a virtual trip to the eye doctor for an exam. This one is very well done, but I feel it still falls short of the reigning champ of relaxing eye exam videos. Which do you guys like better? This current one, or this one?

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  1. Danzor9755 says:

    Nah, the other one is better. The recording on this is little uncomfortable. She breaths on the mic too much, which causes a rather unpleasant sound, but also there is some random panning that kind of throws me off.

  2. Emmyg says:

    I liked this one but it’s got to be Glistening Whisper – the original and the best! Saying that, all these role play videos send me to sleep, feeling all tingly and that :) This site is ace, cheers Mr Soothetube!

  3. glisteningwhisper says:

    I feel like a panto baddy if I comment on this video, but I made mine because I like eye tests, so I like hearing other peoples role plays. I really like this dialogue and I could listen to the “1 or 2” for hours. However, with my headphones on the pencil sounds like it’s right on my skull, which is a little off putting. I may try it another night on my laptop to see if that helps 😀 I can tell she worked really hard, and she deserves lots of praise GWx

  4. MisterJingles1000 says:

    I like this one better because of the cool sound effects and the panning. I like her voice!

  5. AllieM says:

    They are both excellent! I prefer this new one however. Although I agree the pencil is a bit loud in the beginning, everything else about the video is wonderful. Her voice is super relaxing, and the lens comparison part with the associated clicking sounds is way better on this one than the original.

  6. ally says:

    THIS ONE! the optical refractor noises are what i love most about the eye doctor. the other one is good, but she just clicks a computer… 😀

  7. Frost says:

    glisteningwhisper’s of course.

  8. Candy says:

    At first I was gonna say Glistening whisper, the durst one u ever posted on your site BUT, this new woman’s voice to me has bit more personality IMHO. Glistening sounded like she was sleep walking through hers strangely enough. Kinda so so to me but both are relaxing

  9. Candy says:

    Lol@durst, autocorrect on my iPad 2! Meant FIRST! :)

  10. VampireVixen says:

    They’re both very relaxing, but I actually like this one better. Her voice is more mature, professional, and the sound effects are more realistic. I enjoy when people are talking very close to the mic, so that could also have something to do with it.

  11. Pancakes says:

    i like the other one better but this one is still very good 😀

  12. Ursula says:

    I actually prefer this one because it sounds more “authentic,” like she might be an actual doctor. The other one is lovely but her voice is slightly too cute for me to really feel like I’m getting an eye exam. Still, they’re both great!

  13. Your Name says:

    The fact that she constantly says “okay” and “alright” completely ruins it for me.

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