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Panning Whispers For Sleep

The panning effect on this video (switching the audio from left ear to right ear) is very effective when coupled with his soothing whispered voice.

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  1. macromanjr says:


  2. Matt L says:

    He’s been one of my favorite whisperers on youtube for a while. He doesnt make new whisper videos often but when he does they are always great. I like his second panning whisper, the one titled “L+R Panning Whisper”. Also his video titled “None Whisper” is incredible. Instant ZZZZZZZZ.

  3. Oh…So sleepy… Keyboard is pillow…Laying head down…jhwhufdsfkidufgslf

  4. TheakstonCat says:

    Lovely, really like the bit of reverb (unless that is just my ears!). Sweet whisper music

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