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Full Bob Ross video

Bob Ross is the king of calming voices. Listening to him for 5 mins is better than any sleeping pill. Unfortunately it’s hard to find any of his vids. The company that runs his estate are real strict on allowing his vids to be shown for free. Luckily I found one. From the 80’s TV show The Joy of Painting. Enjoy!

***MARCH 25, 2011 PLEASE NOTE ***

Bob Ross Inc. sent me a letter demanding I remove all Joy Of Painting episodes from the site. I find it funny that they sent it to me instead of the numerous non-U.S. Tube sites who actually host the content you see on SootheTube. Actually they probably did, but I’d be surprised if any comply. Well, it’s always easier to nail the little guy, isn’t it?

As I’m not a US resident, and I could easily move the site to an offshore host, I could simply ignore this letter. I know a lot of you would probably appreciate that! Honestly though, I don’t need the headache.

It’s kind of ironic that a show that constantly plays on free TV can’t be played free online. Go figure.

So no more Bob Ross on the site. The lawyers have won.

Sorry folks.

Feel free to voice your feelings about this in the forum discussion.

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  1. Kay Zahn says:

    I just shared this with my FaceBook friends at The Joy of the Joy of Painting(2700+) we are always looking for Bob online 😉 Thanks for the heads up on my YouTube. Good Luck, your site is very calming. I’ll use the Nature Sounds (today at nap time 😉 Regards, Kay Zahn

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